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Wine Cap Mushroom Kit

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Stropharia rugosoannulata or Wine caps are amazing Mushrooms that we can now grow right in our own backyard. 


Stropharia rugosannulata, also called wine cap, garden giant, or King/Queen Stropharia, is the easiest mushroom to grow if you’re thinking about growing mushrooms at home in your garden. It looks like a portabello mushroom with a burgundy cap and purple gills, with a texture and taste like asparagus! The tops taste like mild potatos cooked in a red wine sauce.  Cut off the cap and grill it up just like a burger, bake them in the oven, or sauté with lemon juice, asparagus and chopped onions,garlic and almonds.



. Garden giants break down hardwood chips, and other substrates. By doing this, they enrich an build a rich layer of soil to nurture plants in the garden. 

. They attract earth worms. Earth worms love the smell of the sweet King Stropharia mycelium. They will help aerating the soil in that area and deposite worm castings, Which are great for your plants. 

. The mycelium will help reduce the damage caused to the root system, When the area is infested with nematodes. Mycelium will capture and destroy the nematodes.