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Wild Strawberry Surprise

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My passion is to reconnect people back to the wild ancestors of the vegetables and fruit we buy at our local grocery store. 
I want to help us keep the diversity of our plants. 
This tabletop collection is all about the wild ancestors of our much-loved Strawberries.
Now is the time to start growing your own food. our economy is changing in so many ways.  We know our food costs will just keep rising. 
The beautiful thing about this tabletop kit is you can grow it both inside and outside and all these plants can be treated like short tern perennials. Start growing outside on your deck or outdoor living space area and bring your kit indoor this winter and keep feeding your family beautiful healthy food. 

Some of the benefits of hydroponics. 
. Faster plant growth. 30% to 50%
. Low maintenance 
. Easy pest maintenance 
. Low space needs for bigger yields.
.No Soil Erosion
.No weeds 

This package includes some amazing fast-producing rare edible berry plants. I am so excited after months of researching and growing these plants myself to be able to offer this collection to the public, 

These kits can be shipped out Canada Wide.  For shipping, I will include all seed and possibly tissue cultures once I get them figured out. 

For local customers, I will include a mix of seeds and possible plants when I have them available at the time of purchase, 
 I will ship out fresh seeds. All plants in the collection should sprout within a month of being started.  If they don't spout contact me and I will send out fresh seeds. 

 White Soul Alpine Strawberry 
(Fragaria vesca) An improved form of species Alpine Strawberry, White Soul reaches only to about 6 inches in height and yields small white to cream-colored, aromatic fruit over a very long season. Similar to “Yellow Wonder”.

  Alexandra Alpine Strawberry 

(Fragaria vesca) Deep scarlet, egg-shaped fruit weighs two to three grams each. Everbearing that yields the first season from early planting. A very productive alpine sort, sweet and flavorful.


Yellow Wonder Wild Strawberry 

This creamy yellow-fruited variety is a favorite of many in Europe. The small fruit is very tasty and unique looking. Many prefer the taste of this yellow-fruited type to the more common red strawberry. These are served in only the finest restaurants and are easy to grow from seed!


Fragaria Moschata Musk Strawberry 

A gourmet, wild strawberry, known for its intense aroma and bold flavor, having overtones of raspberry and citrus.