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Wild Berry Surprise Tabletop Hydroponics

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Now is the time to start growing your own food. our economy is changing in so many ways.  We know our food costs will just keep rising. 

The beautiful thing about this tabletop kit is you can grow it both inside and outside and all these plants can be treated like short tern perennials. Start growing outside on your deck or outdoor living space area and bring your kit indoor this winter and keep feeding your family beautiful healthy food. 

Some of the benefits of hydroponics. 
. Faster plant growth. 30% to 50%
. Low maintenance 
. Easy pest maintenance 
. Low space needs for bigger yields.
.No Soil Erosion
.No weeds 
This package includes some amazing fast-producing rare edible berry plants. I am so excited after months of researching and growing these plants myself to be able to offer this collection to the public, 
These kits can be shipped out Canada Wide.  For shipping, I will include all seed and possibly tissue cultures once I get them figured out. 
For local customers, I will include a mix of seeds and possible plants when I have them available at the time of purchase, 
You will get 2 per package with a guarantee, or I will ship out fresh seeds. All plants in the collection should sprout within a month of being started. 
Solanum Villasum (Golden Berry) 

Rare Sweet &  Tangy berries.  This berry has been consumed by African cultures for centuries.  Amazing mix in your homemade trail mix. 


Tzimbalo ( Solanum Caripense) 

This plant is relatively unknown but is making its debut in North America. This vigorous plant grows quickly and produces an abundance of beautiful and delicious fruit. The fruit taste sweet-tangy very juicily.  One of the tastier fruits in the Solanum genus. 


Schwartzenbeeren Blackberries 

These have an incredibly sweet taste similar to real blackberries. Yeilding clusters of pea-sized blackberries. Eat only fully ripe dark blue blackberries.


Dwarf Tamarillo ( Cyphomandra Adutiloides) 

The miniature version of the regular Tamarillo, and a close relative. but ripen smaller fruit clusters. When fully ripen, each fruit is deep golden orange.  sweet, fruity, tropical flavor, with overtones of pineapple, These guys are great for juicing or whipped up into a smoothie.


Otricoli Orange Berry (Solanum Nigrum) 

Here is the most unusual nightshade plant. Collectedoriginally by Gettles in MBRIA, Italy, in an ancient Roman site of Ocriculum. It was found growing along the Tiber River, growing with the same black nightshade (s.nigrum). 


Fuchsia Berry (Fuchsia Procumbens) 

This plant produces some of the most beautiful flowers I have ever see. Rainbow in color. Fuchsia berries are some of the tastest Berries I are ever tried. The flavor is peppery and very sweet. This is a wild Fuchsia and is ground trailing. This seed will take some time to pop out.