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Healing Stews Part 2 ( Japanese Cream Stew With Rice Koji) Nov 5th 5.30 till 8.30

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I wanted to create a series where I could teach more about healing foods as well as different fermentation techniques and recipes.
This is a 3 part series where in each part we will create a healing stew together as well as learn about a new type of fermentation that can be used in the stew recipe or along.
In part two I will walk u through how to make your own shio koji. Which is an amazing condiment that can be used to bring  umami flavor out of almost any dish. It also creates an amazing fried chicken without the breading
Then I will walk u through how to create a delicious Japanese Cream stew using the rice koji. . U will then have the option to stay and enjoy the meal with others on zoom or go ahead and have the healing stew with your family.
This will be a fun-filled night where u get to learn about healing foods u can incorporate Into your daily lifestyle.
This is a 3 part series:
Part one Kimchi Stew $35
Part Two Japanese Cream Stew With Rice Koji $35
Part Three Vegan Jackfruit Khow Suey $35

Buy all 3 and save $10 dollars.
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