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Growing Strawberries Hydroponically ( May 30th 1 - 230)( Free Shipping On Kits )

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I have spent some time collecting and studying wild strawberry plants. 

I love the idea of bringing wild cultivated plants that are the ancestors of the grocery store varieties back to our tables.  

In this class, I want to talk about the history and growing of these wild strawberries. I will also talk about hydroponic growing. 

You will also get your own Tabletop hydroponic setup and seeds to start your own plants. Free Shipping Included 

I have special LED lights available to purchase on the website. 

These kits can be brought indoors and outdoors. Strawberries can be grown year-round indoors. 

These seeds sprout in about 7 to 14 days. 

                               White Soul Alpine Strawberry 
(Fragaria vesca) An improved form of species Alpine Strawberry, White Soul reaches only to about 6 inches in height and yields small white to cream-colored, aromatic fruit over a very long season. Similar to “Yellow Wonder”.

                                     Alexandra Alpine Strawberry 

(Fragaria vesca) Deep scarlet, egg-shaped fruit weighs two to three grams each. Everbearing that yields the first season from early planting. A very productive alpine sort, sweet and flavorful.


                                   Yellow Wonder Wild Strawberry 

This creamy yellow-fruited variety is a favorite of many in Europe. The small fruit is very tasty and unique looking. Many prefer the taste of this yellow-fruited type to the more common red strawberry. These are served in only the finest restaurants and are easy to grow from seed!


                                 Fragaria Moschata Musk Strawberry 

A gourmet, wild strawberry, known for its intense aroma and bold flavor, having overtones of raspberry and citrus.