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Product Info

Living Cultures 

Our products are traditionally fermented with unrefined sea salt, creating nutrient dense, living foods with complex flavours. This transformation also creates probiotics and bio-available nutrients. Our products are unpasteurized and no vinegar is added.


Always Vegan

Our Product are never made with any animal products or fish sauces. 


Hand Packed

Every small batch we make is packed into jars by hand in our kitchen. We are involved in the entire process to make sure your pickles are amazing! You may notice our jars are firmly packed giving you great value and longer life to the products.


Keep In The Fridge

Fermented food and drinks are not shelf stable. Traditionally, this was a way to preserve the harvest through the winter months. Refrigeration slows down the fermentation process allowing you to enjoy the pickles at optimum flavour. **Use a clean utensil to submerge pickles under brine and keep kraut/kimchi tightly packed.


Bulge Happens

Fermentation creates probiotics, complex flavours, and carbon dioxide. In our drinks, this means delicate bubbles of natural carbonation. In our pickles it means the lid may bulge or you may see some fizzing upon opening the jar. This is normal and safe.


Batches May Vary

Because of our direct relationships with local farmers, our products may be influenced by growing conditions, weather, seasonal availability, or kitchen temperatures. Cucumbers may come in varying sizes, and carrots may taste sweeter in the fall. Winter cabbage is more dense and crunchy than cabbage grown in summer. Our products taste best before the date on the jar. They do not expire, they will just change over time. Some people enjoy the stronger flavours of vintage pickles – taste for yourself and decide.