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About Us

Moss Mama was created out of the need to merge the missing gap between the knowledge of fermented foods and gut health. We want to provide others delicious products, as well as knowledge that incorporating fermented foods into diet gives the body a healthful dose of probiotics, helps the body digest food and absorb more nutrients, and even enhances the taste of food.

Moss Mama prides itself on mixing the art of herbology and superfoods throughout their product line, giving you even more wonderful benefits.

Love is in nature.

Rina Veltkamp, owner and head fermenter, has training in horticulture, herbal medicine and holds a Doctor in Homeopathy. She has spent over 10 years learning about fermentation and how to heal the body naturally.

When not in the kitchen, Rina is always researching new recipes, and imagining new flavors and techniques to provide innovative products.

Moss Mama is Located in Rina's home in her studio space. 
The address is 
204 670 kenderdine road.
Saskatoon Sk