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12 Month Plant Subscription

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How amazing would it be if once a month you got to come to pick up a rare edible plant that you could not find anywhere else? 

These plants would be small seedlings that you will get to love and care for and watch grow. 


These plants could range from a rare wild pepper to a cool new herb that you have never heard of but would be an amazing new friend to use in the kitchen. Don't worry I will give you an info sheet on your new friend and all the details about how to best use it in the kitchen. 


You will also get the chance to join our private Facebook group where you can chat with others who have received this new plant Ally. 

Your plant will come in a deep water hydroponic setup. I will be uploading some great videos on how you can create your own Diy plant tabletop setup or you can always upgrade on the website and buy the already create the setup.  You can also just enjoy your new plant in its original home which is a great low maintenance setup for any windowsill or grow light. 


This subscription is for 12 months. Pickup will be on the last Sunday of every month. 

The cost is $15 a month 


Examples of plant u could receive  :

Wild Galapagos Island Tomato. (This is a wild tomato species. Amazing flavor.) 

Lepismium Ianthothele ( Rare fruiting Cactus) 

 Garden Huckleberry

Litchi Tomato  ( Solanum Sisymbriifolium) 

Mexican Pepperleaf Seeds ( Poper Auritum)