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Medical Mushroom Log Class ( April 11th 1pm till 230ish)

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Come on a magic journey. Let me show you the healing powers of reishi mushroom and its less known friend turkey tail. 

In this class, I will go through the special healing properties of each mushroom as well as pass on some great recipes you can use with these mushrooms once you have grown them out. 


I will also teach you hands-on techniques for incubating your own mushroom logs. 

This Class will be hosted via online streaming. 

Kits included

Reishi plugs enough to make one log 

Turkey Tail plugs enough to make one log 

Beeswax for covering holes. 

Two logs to incubate with the option of local pickup or you can supply your own if you don't live locally or have lots of your own logs available.


What you will need


logs of any type of hardwood (Maple, oak are the best) but others will work, 

Ready to learn attitude 


The cost is $55

April 11th 1pm till 230ish