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Fermented Sweet Rice Workshop (Dec 26 1pm till 3 pm ish)

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I am going to teach you how to make 2 different types of fermented sweet rice. 

Amazake (Japanese sweet rice Drink )

Jiuniang (Chinese Sweet Rice Drink) 


Asian fermented sweet rice drinks are believed to warm up the body and improve blood flow. They are so many ways to enjoy these amazing fermented beverages, 


I thought since most of us will not be Boxing Day shopping and may have extra family over it would be a fun activity to get everyone involved in making these amazing fermented drinks. 

These drinks are enjoyable for even those fussy eaters. 


You will get two different cultures that you will need to make each one of these drinks as well as a small booklet of recipes. 


You will also receive a small jar of premade Amazake and Jiuniang. This way you will have a chance to taste test both and use them in making the other two recipes I will go through that you can do with these very yummy drinks.


I will also walk you through how to make:

Amazake pickles 

Jinungiang Hot ginger tea drink. 


This class is going to be a lot of fun and you will get to learn a bunch of fun new recipes. Kids are always welcome to join us on Zoom.