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Coffee Repurpose Series (Basic Mushroom Growing) May 28th ( 7 - 9)

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle 

 Our zero waste journey starts with a single step. Learning to repurpose as many things as we can is a great start on this journey. 


In the first part of this series, I will be teaching you some basic mushroom growing skills as well as showing you how you can grow oyster mushrooms on straight used coffee grounds, This adds a unique flavor to the mushrooms that you can't find anywhere else. 


It's super easy and a lot of fun. Once you have the knowledge to do this as well as the equipment you can keep doing this for years. 


I will also help you create a shotgun fruiting chamber in the class.  With the option of adding an LED light to the chamber if you want to be able to grow your mushrooms in a dark room or a closest. 


Supplies included 


Mushroom Culture of your choice, 

Blue Oyster, King Oyster, White Oyster 

Plastic Bin for fruiting Chamber 

Breathable patches for chamber



What you will need; 


Hot glue gun 

Hole saw bit (29 mm) I can predrill if you don't have. 


The cost of the workshop is $45


The second part of the workshop will be making Coffee ground Shoyu: 

Shoyu is a type of soy sauce. Gluten-free and coming out of Japan. This Shoyu is amazing. 

 More details on this will be in the classroom section of the website.