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Posted by Rina Veltkamp on

Oh, these cold solstice nights! All I want to do is crawl into bed and stay there until spring rolls around again. Once the cold sets in, it seems like I can never warm up. 


What does that have to do with Gochujang sauce you say? Well, when I think of winter, I think of hot soups and warm, hearty stews. What better way to add to these than a traditional fermented hot sauce that comes out of Korea. This hot sauce is said to have a spicy, savory, and slightly sweet taste with so much complexity. Traditionally, it's made and fermented to develop the flavors of this amazing sauce. 


It is what is used many times in kimchi, and used like a condiment in Korea, like we do ketchup.

I am working my own blend, and hope to have some nice spicy ferments to share with you all soon. 


Keep warm and keep eating those ferments!


Love Moss Mama


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