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What is Beta Glucans? Key to Rebooting Our Immun System.

Posted by Rina Veltkamp on

B Glucans comprise a group of B D Glucose polysaccharides naturally occurrin in the cell walls of cereals, bacteria, and fungi,. 

Beta glucan is a form of soluble fiber that is linked to many health benefits such as lower cholesterol, better heart health and supporting our immune system. 


Beta glucan isn't absorbed directly during the digestive process. Instead it slows down the digestion of food. Which can be vey helpful. This can help carbohydrates break down slower keeping your blood sugar levels even. In addition to this, Beta glucan can take cholesterol with it as it moves throught out the digestive system. 

Beta Glucan is a biological response modifier. This is because they active the immune system. This has mostly been link to yeast and medical mushrooms. 

There are some medical mushrooms that have high amounts of Beta Glucan. These are Reishi, Maitake, Turkey Tal and Shiitake. 

The Beta Glucan in mushrooms is found tightly bound with a tough amino glucose polymer called Chitin. This  can only be broken down with high heat. This then make the Beta Glucan bioavailable. 


Which out of all these mushrooms has the most Beta Glucan? Turkey Tail is the king of Beta Glucan. By weight Turkey Tail has 60 perfect Beta Glucan. Reishi has a close second at 54 perfect. This is measured in dry weight of the mushroom. 

I always get asked what are good ways to use these tough mushrooms. 

Here are a few places i like to use them. 

Preheated powdered Reishi or Turkey Tail in your bullet proof coffee. 

How about some yummy Bliss Balls. I you don't know what these are just do a quick google search and you will find these yummy date balls that taste like a yummy dessert but are healthy for you.

Try googling black bean fudge. Its amazing and just throw in some mushroom powder into these bad boys. 

Also try throwing dried mushrooms into  your soup broth for an extra kick. 


Here's my little sell, Head on over to the store to start growing your own Turkey Tail Mushroom or Reishi. Create your own Beta glucan factory. 




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