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My New Friend Wine Cap Mushroom (Stropharia rugoso-annulata)

Posted by Rina Veltkamp on

Its been a bit since i have written a blog post. I feel like the whole world has changed over night. Its been really stressful figuring out how this new world works, 

What i have found comforting is recreating my plant collection. After a few years of moving around after my divorce its taken me some time to feel like i have settled down again. 

One of these new friends i have added to my (plant collection) / Fungus collection is the amazing Wine Cap or (Stropharia rugoso-annulata). 

Wine Cap features a white stalk with a port wine colored cap. These crisp, slightly nutty flavored mushrooms are great for braising, sauteing, grilling and pickling. Besides being a choice edible, Wine Cap is also a natural soil builder, weed suppressor and attractive landscape ornamental. (1) 

They can be grown as both a annual crop as well as a perennial.I talk more about this in my up coming workshop. 

I love the idea of being able to grow some of the best gourmet edible mushrooms right in my yard. You can grow these babies even if you don't have flower or perennial beds. Think under that pine tree that nothing grows or in that semi shady location where you have no idea what to put there.  

They also make a pretty tasty treat. Here is a recipe i found i want to try this year when i get my own mushroom beds planted. 


White Bean/ Sun Dried Tomato Stuff Wine Caps :


I will have Wine Cap Kits ready in a couple weeks as well as my Wine Cap class coming your way at the end of may. 


To get on a list for either of these just shoot me a message. 


Much Love Moss Mama 





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