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My Healing Journey

Posted by Rina Veltkamp on

My whole life has been a health Journey. I have struggled with a chronic health issue since puberty. I got taken into the hospital at the age of 13 just to be told I needed emergency surgery on my ovaries as I had a growth that had exploded and needed to be removed.   

Shortly after this surgery I was put on birth control full time for six years without any breaks and without a period that whole time. I truly believe this was the start of where my Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) came from. At the time they diagnosed me with endometriosis years later, and then they changed it to PCOS. 

From this point forward I struggled with weight issues as well as having facial hair. I have spent years struggling with having low self-esteem and learning to love myself. Learning to come to terms with my facial hair and knowing healthy eating was not just going to be about my weight loss, but the need for my overall health.

Women with PCOS do much better with a vegetarian diet or vegan diet. I have spent years studying and understanding how food breaks down in our body and trying to figure out what is best for my body. 

I also studied Herbal medicine and have my Doctorate in Homeopathic medicine. I have spent years learning about our local flora and how we can use the plants that grow in our own backyard to help us to heal. I have become fascinated with using these plants in our cuisine. 


I truly believe that our local plants hold the key to helping us heal. 

I remember a time when I was hemorrhaging during my period. I had a bunch of Shepherd's purse, a small flowering plant, growing in my front yard. It was the first time in the five years I had lived in this house that I had ever seen it growing in my front yard right outside my front door. The beautiful thing about Shepherd's purse is that it stops hemorrhaging and helps control menstruation flow. I made a tea out of it and it helped slow down my bleeding and get it back under control.

I created Moss Mama because over the years of helping not only myself but others with their health journey I noticed one thing in common with everyone. We are all stuck in some sort of story. Most of the time it is old programming we picked up from our parents or from our environment that we grow up in as kids. 


I found that spending hours trying to dig deeper into this was not the key to health or healing. What I found was activities such as gardening, painting or working with my ferments brought people out of their story, if just for a short time. In that short time their body could start naturally healing as their stress levels would lower and they could get out of their head. 


My idea with Moss Mama is to help give people not only skills but tools to help them learn something new in their healing journey as well as help them get out of their head and connect back to nature and have more balance with their body.

I really hope I can help you on your healing journey, as I continue on with my own journey. Through a support network, workshops I offer, or even stopping by my booth at the Farmer's Market, I look forward to helping you for years to come. 

Much love,

Moss Mama 






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