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Frankincense The sacred resin

Posted by Rina Veltkamp on

It's that time of year again where Frankincense comes out to play. We don't hear about it much, but then around this time of year it come out to play again. 


I love the smell of Frankincense when its burning and purifying my home. There are about 5 types of Frankincense that can be burned or turned into essential oils. Each one offering a slightly different smell.


Frankincense is said to help you connect to your higher self as well as one of the best home purifiers. I think adding a little Frankincense into our homes this Christmas season really helps to bring more joy and peace into our household.


I am offering two classes this holiday season to help you bring more Frankincense  and clarity into your holiday season. Clearing out the negative or unwanted energies in our home helps us to open doors for new energy and change to come into our space. 


Join me in one of the two wonderful workshops coming your way this holiday season. 

The first link is for the Frankincense and Myrrh class where we will make incense and a beautiful deodorant. Both great to help you remove those unwanted energies,.


Second link is to out perfume and astrology class.


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